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  • Just Laugh

  • Let's be honest, family pictures can be really really funny!  Especially when it involves 2 toddlers.  So my advice is just keep laughing!  Whether you are on behind the camera or in front of it, just keep laughing.  Here is a picture of my little family and I'm laughing in the picture and I just ke [...]
  • Ben + Amanda

  • I could stare at the images from this beautiful country wedding for days!  This beautiful couple and their funny and sweet story gets me every time.  From laughter to tears of joy for a happily ever after ending.  I am so blessed by every wedding I get to be a part of, I count it as pure joy to be a [...]
  • The Beautiful Jodi

  • This girl is even more beautiful on the inside then she is on the outside, if that is even somehow possible.  She's gorgeous and she's been my bestie since freshman year.  We have been through so much together and I love her dearly.  Her quiet and quirky nature, the unique way she sees things, t [...]

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