Tuesday Tip

Tuesday Tip:

Today’s tip is sponsored by newborns everywhere, just kidding, well kinda 😉  I have done a lot of newborn shoots over the past 4 years and have a few tips and tricks I’ve learned and I thought I would share what I know.  Going into my first newborn shoot I was really intimidated, sure I knew my way around a camera and sure knew a thing or 2 about babies, considering I had 2 myself, but put the two together and my hands started to shake a little, eek!  So, if you are starting out in the biz here a some tips to consider.

1- Be safe!  There are so many cute props and poses, be safe with that precious new baby!

2- Bring your MACRO lens, this is the perfect opportunity to use it.  Get every single one of those perfect little precious details.

3- If siblings are involved try to get that one first and then let them get back to playing!

4- Encourage mom to get in front of the camera too!  Moms- even if you feel yucky or fat or whatever, you are going to want images of those precious first few days years down the road!  I speak from experience and I promise you!

5- Communication!  Communication! Communication! Communicate with the parents is so important, beforehand and while you are shooting.  Talk about your style of photography – lifestyle, posed or a mixture of both.  Let them know what to expect, what you are doing next, how many outfits/setups you plan to do and how long most shoots last (about 3 hours yikes).  Ask the parents beforehand if it more important that we stick to babies schedule or that you get sleepy pictures?  This is a predicament I have been in several times, they want the sleepy pictures but it’s not time to feed them yet or they’ve already had enough ounces and just won’t got to sleep… You have a greater chance of getting sleepy pictures if 1) you do the shoot within the first 10 days  and 2) you plan it around their already existing sleep schedule, if they have one AND 3) If the end goal is sleepy pictures let them eat, nurse, whatever soothes them to get them asleep, let the baby be the boss and just roll with it!


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